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World’s First Total-Body PET-CT Makes its Debut as UIH Unveils 9 New Products at CMEF

Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare (UIH) unveiled its full line of 30 medical imaging products at the 77th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) held from May 15th to May 18th 2017 in Shanghai. During the event, UIH launched 9 new products with world-class innovations, among which the world’s first total-body PET-CT (TB PET-CT) made its debut.

Born to Explore

1、The “Human’s best PET-CT” made its debut

During the event, UIH’s Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer Xue Min unveiled the world’s first total-body PET-CT “uExplorer”.

UIH’s Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer Xue Min addresses the audience at the launch event

“I believe that the uExplorer will be a milestone in Medical Imaging History and will surely be memorized.”

Xue Min said that UIH joined hands with the US top molecular imaging team, the Explorer Consortium, to build the uExplorer. In early 2016, the Consortium started searching for industry partner all over the world. After six months and several rounds of open competition, UIH showed itself as the best among all the candidates with its advantages in technology, design, quality management and others, thus becoming the industry partner of the Consortium. 

World’s First Total-body PET-CT

With the uExplorer, a single scan can cover the total body and bring back live 4D images. The metabolic process of all organs can be shown vividly and lively. With its best-in-the-industry 2.8 mm resolution, uExplorer can detect early tumor lesions and micro metastatic lesions. Within a breath hold, a total-body scan that covers all organs will be done in 15 seconds. With the sensitivity level increased by 40 times, the PET-CT’s dosage, on the other hand, will only be 1/40 compared with other PET-CTs. As a result, PET-CT scans can now be applied to mothers and babies, teenagers and children.

The uExplorer will open new doors for researchers in fields of precise diagnosis, treatment of severe diseases and the research and development of anti-cancer drugs.

The uExplorer will accelerate the R&D of new drugs. With the uExplorer, 4D image of drug metabolic process can be shown vividly, thus making the drug efficacy visible for more detailed evaluation.

The uExplorer will boost precision medicine. It will enable precise localization of tumor to monitor micro metastasis and guide targeted therapy.

The uExplorer will support scientific research. With metabolic information detected from the scan, the uExplorer can tell the changes of neuroglia cells, which will help with multi-organ neural correlates researches.

2、Nine New Products Launched with Six World-class Innovations

During the launch event, UIH unveiled nine new products with world-class innovations: the world’s first ultra-high-definition TOF PET-MR, the world’s first “Constellation Shuttling” 3.0T MR, the world’s first integrated CT-guided RT, the world’s first 112-ring digital light-guide PET-CT, the world’s first mrCT, the 3.0T explorer MR with the best gradient performance in the world…

the new products launch event

the world’s first ultra-high-definition TOF PET-MR

the world’s first “Constellation Shuttling” 3.0T MR

the world’s first integrated CT-guided RT

the world’s first 112-ring digital light-guide PET-CT

the world’s first mrCT

the 3.0T explorer MR with the world’s best gradient performance

the DR that suits various clinical needs

the mobile DR with world’s first visible exposure system

3、One Big Step forward for U+ Internet Strategy

In the past two years, UIH focused on boosting China’s national level hierarchical medical system and has achieved rich results. By now, the uCloud has covered more then 100 million people and connected hundreds of hospitals in China including cities and provinces like Shanghai, Anhui, Guizhou, Hubei, Yunnan and Liaoning.

U+ Internet Medical Strategy (U+) is a strategic of UIH targeting precision medicine. The purpose is to build a connected, synergized, smart and precise medical ecosystem.

This year, UIH will integrate 20 intelligent diagnosis engines and advanced applications to uCloud, which will help with intelligent diagnosis anytime and anywhere. As a result, the efficiency and accuracy of medical diagnosis will be largely improved. In the future, with the help of these “secret weapons”, uCloud will be able to provide better remote health management services and richer intelligent medical solutions, showing their importance in the continuously upgrading hierarchical medical system.

During the event, UIH revealed all of its core technologies: the SiPM technological platform, the high-power GPA, RFPA, the high precision digital MR spectrometer, among many others.

the high-power GPA

the SiPM technological platform


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